Friday, 17 May 2013

How to REMOVE Trojan virus from your computer........

1. Anti-Virus Scan – Most Trojans can be detected
and removed by anti-virus
software. But Trojan virus programs are capable of
replicating the links if they detect a missing file. This happens because a Trojan
creates a key in any entry
in the registry that starts
up automatically. 

2. Msconfig Utility – If you find that the virus is still
present, you could try
Start->Run->Msconfig. You
can look at entries in the
startup tab and uncheck
those that look unnecessary. Syestem.ini
and boot.ini are places
where virus files may be
started up but it is advised
not to edit these files

3. Scan for Auto-running Programs – If the Trojan still exists, you may have
to use a program to detect
software that starts up
automatically. Many such
freeware programs are
available. Once a list of programs that can autorun
is created, you need to
restart the computer. 

4. Boot into Safe Mode - Safe Mode ensures that
Windows starts with only
basic and essential services.
Using the utility you used in
the previous step for
scanning, remove the suspected Trojan viruses
from the list so that they
cannot startup and delete
the files from the hard disk. 

5. Edit Registry – It may be possible for some links to
Trojans to exist still in the
registry. Use Start->Run-
>Regedit to edit the

6. Remove Trojans from Registry – Check HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware
for any keys containing
Trojan viruses and delete

7. Reboot In Normal Mode PC T
Auto Scroll Stop Scroll