Thursday, 29 August 2013

How to make a txt message virus uring mobile phone...

Step1. Make sure that the sim card you are using is not Familiar to the person you want to virus.
we suggest you to used brand new Simcard

Step 2.Load The simcard. at least 30.00 so you can register it to UNLITXT Promo
You can do it to any Network like SUN or Smart

Step 3.Prepare your weird random txt can create your own language,
Whatever that will looks like a programming language, Use you creativity

Samle Character¦ Cellphone Virus
<.>Script/<>%"Fatal Error"
Begin<>Virus Name=I Love You^x run ? Yes

Step 4.Get the cellphone Number of the person you want to Virus
Step 5. Start Sending The Virus you Created
Step 6. Do the sending in Full Accelerations and Frequecy (YOu can send the message in 100times per hour or do it in whole a day process!)

By overdoing this. the number where you send the message cant used its cellphone properly because of the abnormal messages that keep popping every seconds or minutes.
This will result.Text message Delay from its realtime Text Messages from Important contacts he have.Even permitted calls will affect the Procedure you made.

Virus Effect:
1.Text Message Receive Failures
2.Consistent Phone Ring
3.Easy Battery Low
4.Frequent Charging
5.Busy or always UN available Line
6.Your Favorite!! " Sweet Vengeance" the person is now irritated and 100% mad!!!
with no clue who is sending that Freaking Message,

YOu can deactivate all your incoming calls so the person can not make a return calls to trace Number of the Cellphone where the virus where came from.

That's it!! You can Now have your sweet Revenge!!!!to the person you hated most!!
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