Tuesday, 27 May 2014

E-Mail Spoofing...

E-Mail Spoofing it is the biggest thread now because anybody send you mail saying you have won millions of dollars or you are hired by MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, or FACEBOOK, etc. 

And it is also used in phishing as attacker sends you the mail saying that some one send you friend request , you just click on it and it ask for login id and password that is it  will misuse later on. Now in this post I am gona tell how it is done.

 Just follow the steps:.

Step 1 :Go to the link http://emkei.cz/ .

Step 2 : Just enter the from name for example : Mail from Microsoft .

Step 3 : Enter the from email  for example  billgates@microsoft.com .

Step 4 : Enter the mail id you want to send the mail id forexample@gmail.com .

Step 5 : Enter the subject for example : You are hired by Microsoft. 

Step 6 : Upload any file you want or just leave it.

Step 7 : Enter the text that you want to enter For Example : Just Joking.

Step 8 :Enter the Right captcha and send it.

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