Friday, 30 May 2014

How to root android phone (easy method)...

Today i am gonna show how we can root android phone, although there are many methods to  root. here in this tutorial we make use of software called unlockroot.

 requirements pc 

2.internet connection 

3.ofcourse android phone that you want to root

steps to follow                

STEP 1- Just download unlockroot from the link

STEP 2- Install it in ur pc

STEP 3- Make sure the 'usb debugging' should be 'enable'.To enable usb debugging just go to ur phone setting then go into the application then go into development now u will find usb debugging just enable it.

STEP 4- make sure ur android phone driver should be installed in ur pc if u if u dont know how to install just  switch off ur android phone and connect with the pc using usb data cable and switch on the phone.Now driver will install automatically in ur pc.donot disconnect ur phone

STEP 5- Now open unlock root and press the green 'root' button,it will show ur phone model,just click on it now 

it will say ur android phone is already rooted u want to root it again 'yes' or 'no'.just click on 'yes' button and ur

 android phone is rooted. 

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