Wednesday, 2 October 2013

HOW TO INSTALL CHROME IN LINUX(Backtrack, Fedora, Ubuntu)...

Chrome is one of the fastest available borwser but unfortunately if you are using linux as a root user then you are not able to run chrome after the installation as a root user. Here, I shall let you know that how can you make chrome install in Linux and can run it as root. Even in Backtrack 5.

Installing Chrome in Linux (Backtrack, Fedora, Ubuntu):-

Download the chrome Package, Latest on from here.

Download the debian package according to your system configuration. (Whether its 32bit or 64bit) 

Suppose its downloaded to Downloads (Then after downloading rename the dowloaded file as chrome.deb). 

Open the terminal

Write following commands:- 1- cd /root/Downloads 2- dpkg -i chrome.deb

It will be installed now. If you are using as root then under terminal type google-chrome and hit enter. You will see an error that you are logged in as root unable to start Google Chrome.

Making it Run under the Root:-

Go to terminal. Type:- 1- gedit /usr/bin/google-chrome 2- Gedit window will popup. In the end line with a space write :- --user-data-dir and click save. You are done. Run chrome and thats it your chrome is ready

follow the video tutorial 

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