Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Hello guys, in this post I will talk about backtracking. This will be just an introductory post for now. So read on…!
BackTrack is an all-in-one tool which is the heart of hackers (Both for Newbies and Professionals). If I had to talk about BackTrack and hacking then I would tell it off in just a single sentence that is ” BackTrack takes out the word impossible from a hackers dictionary!” BackTrack contains all the tools which are required for a hacker. Once you master the backtracking stuff then no one can beat you.
As this an Operating System (OS) I can’t give you a theoretical tutorial but will be giving a visual so I have embedded a video which will be helpful for you to understand how to handle and use BackTrack. This video I have found on YouTube and I am sharing with you guys!
Have a look…

The advance stuff will be posted in my upcoming articles so stay updated by following DO HACK IT

to install backtrack using virtual machine follow the below link

Installing Backtrack 5 R3 In Virtual Machine Step By Step 

Auto Scroll Stop Scroll